LSL has Customs experts that can help you navigate the complexities of global Customs.

With all the specific knowledge in-house, LSL will be pleased to take customs formalities off your hands for you. You can call us for a variety of customs formalities related to export, import, storage and transit consignments.

Security Concerns

We take your security concerns seriously and want to assist you with any security related questions you have with your shipments.

Tax Specialists

Our years of experience guarantee knowledge and expertise in the sphere of customs matters. That makes us flexible and enables us to respond quickly

Special Services

  • Full Customs Clearance Services 7 Days A Week / 365 Days Per Year.
  • Processing Temporary Imports, Bonded Shipments, Carnets and Other Special Clearances.
  • Cross Border Clearance Services.

Your Benefits

LSL’s customers can rest assured that our Customs brokerage teams have the experience and continuous training needed for your company to properly comply with Customs regulations worldwide. With a global presence and thousands of team members throughout the world, JSI strives to provide top tiered performance with unprecedented operational excellence.